Mirabelle's cat toys

To make another toy, the Pom-pom cat toy, Click Here!

  1. Get lots of dried catnip, thread, two buttons, thick string/yarn, and some soft fabric, the size depending on how big you want you toy, but generally it should be about 20 cm square.
  2. On a piece of tracing paper, draw a fish shape. Don't make the narrowest part of the tail too narrow, or you might have trouble sewing your fish. Then, cut out the shape.
  3. Fold your fabric in half, and pin the fish onto your fabric (not on the fold). Cut out both layers at the same time, and unpin the paper fish shape.
  4. Blanket stitch around the edges of the fish, and LEAVE A SMALL GAP of approximately three centimetres. To blanket stitch: Make a knot at the end of your needle thread, then pull it through both fabrics. Pull it through once more, but dont completely tighten the thread. Instead, pull the needle through the loop that you have just made, and pull. Repeat until whole fish (exept for three centimetres) is sewn.
  5. Stuff the fish tightly with the dried catnip. If you dont have dried catnip, take catnip, hang it upside-down in a bag, and it will take around a week to dry. You can buy dried catnip in stores.
  6. Blanket stitch the gap closed. Stitch one button on each side of the fish, where the eyes should be.
  7. (Final step): Take the thick yarn/string and take a stitch on the side of the fish, and knot the string into the stitch.

Hint: Don't make the string too small, if it is too long, wrap it around your wrist or hand. To play, get your cats attention by wavering the toy, then hold the string while the fish drags behind. Your cat will chase it, and HAVE FUN!!!!!!

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