Pom-pom Cat toys

Here are the instructions to making cat toys that your cat will love! These pom-poms are easy to make, and require a little amount of time.

Materials needed: Thin cardboard (You can cut out from cereal boxes, etc.), Yarn, and scissors.

  1. First, cut out two circles out of cardboard, any size (the circumference will be the size of the circle), and cut out a circle in the middle, having a diameter of about 3.5 cm. Remember, the size does not really matter. If the outer circle is bigger, you'll want a bigger inner circle. Put the two
  2. Choose one or more colours of yarn. cut out a very long piece of yarn, threading it into the small inner circle. Make a loop and thread it back through the small hole. Repeat, going around the circle. If you run out of yarn, or want to use another colour, knot another piece of yarn onto the old one.
  3. Once you have gone around until the small circle is barely visible, and it is hard to thread the yarn through, you will cut a piece of yarn approximately one metre long. Holding each side of the small circle tightly, grab a pair of scissors. Pushing them through the yarn in between the two pieces of cardboard, cut the yarn, all the way around.
  4. Now, take the long piece of yarn you cut out and put it in between the cardboard pieces. Wrap around so that the end of the yarn ends up where it started. Make a knot, tightening so that the yarn goes all the way to the centre, and knot it again.
  5. Rip the cardboard out of the pompom, and you are done.