Mirabelle's cat maintenance

Maintenance is very important with cats. Your cat cleans him/herself by licking his/her fur, but you should brush your cat's fur too. You can buy a cat brush in a pet or cat store. If your cat is an indoor cat, brushing is a MUST. When cats lick their fur they swallow all the loose fur, (If they don't get brushed) and hairballs form in their stomach. Cats could get sick from this. Outdoor cats, on the other hand, don't need brushing. Outside, they poke pointy grass down their throat to make themselves vomit their hairballs. If you cat is short haired, a good amount of brushing is once a week at the least. If your cat is long haired, you should brush it twice as much. Cats clean themselves more in the summer, (It's their way to cool down)so you should brush your cat even more in the summertime.

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