Mirabelle's 'Cats?? Easy!!!'

If you are looking for a pet, you are looking for a cat. Cats are the easiest pets ever! You don't have to walk your cat, (like a dog) clean a cage. (like a bird, rodent, or reptile) All you need to do is: Give dry and wet food to your cat once every day, give them affection and love, and clean their litterbox! If you are buying a cat for the first time, get a cat, not a kitten. Kittens are harder to manage, if you are away a lot (at work or school), a kitten wouldn't do. Kittens need you to be there for them a lot. Kittens may also not be litterbox trained if they were taken away from their mother when they were too young. Also, for the first few days, a kitten will cry at night, because they are used to being warm against their mother's belly. To solve this problem, put a blanket over a hot water bottle, and put it in your kittens bed. Older cats are calmer, but both cat and kitten are delightful in their own way.

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